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                       为拓展海外新能源市场,更好的服务国内外客户,2018年ALPHA ZAlpha Z solar & technology pty ltd在澳洲成】立,主要负责澳大利亚市场的产品销售及售后」服务。


                                                                           诚信 、责任、进取”是△合田人的价值追求。

                       未来,合田ㄨ新能源秉承“以质量求生存,以质量求发←展”的理念,持续创新,积极参与全球竞争,以满足全球不@ 断增长的能源需求。合作共赢,在绿色的田野上,支撑起中国的太阳能产业,用清洁能源,还地球碧水蓝天。

                       Shaoxing Hotian New Energy Co.,Ltd., located in state-level Paojiang economic and technological development zone in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province , adjacent to Hangzhou. The firm is located 30 km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The company which integrates research, development and manufacturing sections was founded in 2011. Our production line includes photovoltaic modules (conventional components, BIPV, bending components), PV power generation systems and PV applications products. The firm also undertakes design and construction of photovoltaic power plants, water pumping system, lighting and other engineering.

                       Identified as one of the Zhejiang medium and small sized technological enterprises in 2014, the company owns more than ten national patents which are specified to its research achievements and productions. In 2017 the company won the "National High-tech Enterprises" and "ISO9001--2015" quality system certification.

                       The firm follows strictly the ISO9001 quality standard in its production. Every process has strict quality control; every product is integrated into the perfect corporate culture.

                          "Honesty, Responsibility and Progress" is the value aspires of Hotian people.

                         In the future, Hotian New Energy will continuously adhere to the idea of “Quality to survive, Quality to develop” by innovation, active participation in global competition to meet the growing energy demand from the global market. We believe in win-win cooperation and are dedicated to support China and global solar energy industry and return the earth clean water, blue sky.





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